Decided to take the train up to Blackpool to practice my zone focussing.  The weather of cloud and fine rain wasn't ideal but I made the best of it.  All the images have been shot on my Fujifilm X100s in manual mode which I'm finding suits me better.  With the weather being dull I  struggled to get the saturated colours that I like so processed them into black and white images.  Still getting to grips with Silver Efex Pro, so any tips or advice you can give, will as always be very welcome.

blackpool street fancy dress

Things were looking up for as soon as I got of the train I spotted these two charaters.  I'm not the fastest walker so had to run to get ahead of them.  Pre-focus and took the shot.

blackpool blog dog

I don't usually go into shops, but couldn't resist this one.  I would of liked the image in colour but the colours were a little dull and feel the image could of been sharper.

blackpool street lion

It was late in the day so decided to use my flash for the first time.  I've always only shot with natural light and when the light goes I usually go home, but was having so much fun just had to get some more shots.


blackpool blog minion

I couldn't go home without getting a Minion shot.  It's the law!

blackpool blog cash

Blackpool is full of interesting ladies

blackpool street waitress

Local wench

blackpool street leopard

Pussycat Doll

blackpool street eyes

I shot this on ISO 6400 as the light had gone and only had the theme park lighting.  Didn't quite nail the zone focussing and it's of course grainy but it's all good practice.  Back to Liverpool next week, so check back soon.

See You On The Street